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Store Policies 

  1. Price Valid for Caregiver and me, additional Fee for additional

  2. Open Play Passes include open play for 1 1/2 hours

  3. Open Play Passes grant access to the indoor play space, ball pit and imaginary play area

  4. Play Space is subject to availability if play space is not at maximum capacity

  5. Sessions are non-transferable

  6. Passes are valid only for the time slot booked

  7.  Passes redeemed cannot be reused

  8. Sessions will begin promptly at the designated time regardless of the number of guests in attendance

  9. No deduction in price for no shows

  10. Kibitz N’ Play is not to be held responsible for any reactions to products, costumes, menu, or a la carte items during or after the event.

  11. We ask that we be informed of any conditions and/or allergies while booking your event

  12. Open Play Pass purchase does not include socks, we have socks available for purchase. Price per socks $4.75

  13. Grip Proof Socks are required in Play Space

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